Ignore Beautiful Women - Davinci Neptune

Why You Should Ignore Beautiful Women | Davinci Neptune

Beautiful women get approached by hundreds of guys on a daily basis. They are getting free attention and validation from all sorts of directions, so when you as a guy approach a beautiful women you are putting yourself as one of “those guys”. Ironically, this is also why beautiful women don’t find the type of guy they do like. Beautiful women value in the dating market is above the average guy, so when a man approaches a beautiful he is doing so from the position of “lower value”. This also gives beautiful women an ego stroke and it makes them… Read More »Why You Should Ignore Beautiful Women | Davinci Neptune
Alpha Male Tips- Setting Boundaries Increases her Attraction

Alpha Male Tips: Setting Healthy Boundaries – Davinci Neptune

In this video, Davinci Neptune teaches you why you have to set boundaries with women. It is a must. If you do not, women will lose respect, interest, and attraction with you. Because, of how dating works man must go forward, so setting boundaries can be a bit clumsy. This video explains to why setting healthy boundaries is important and will help you look more attractive to women. Does this mean you have to be an asshole or a bad guy? Not really, but you have to let her know what you are not willing to tolerate. She will respect… Read More »Alpha Male Tips: Setting Healthy Boundaries – Davinci Neptune
The Domino Effect- The Ultimate Secret For Picking Up Women- Davinci Neptune

The Domino Effect: The Ultimate Secret For Picking Up Women – Davinci Neptune

In this video, Davinci Neptune, talks about a very powerful strategy known as The Domino Effect. Do you want to learn the secrets of becoming an alpha male? Look no further, the resources down below will transform you into the man all women want. Alpha Male- The Ultimate Alpha Male Guidebook  Girlfriend Generator : Step by Step Guide To Getting A Girlfriend  Women’s Brain Decoded:How To Put Anyone Under Your Love Spell 
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Chemical Imbalance | Davinci Neptune

Most people try to fix things mentally. But, what if the issue is not mental? What then?! Sometimes, in life our health or biology(/chemical make up) is not healthy conditions. Our cells need plenty of energy and resources to run our system in a healthy way. Comparable, to a car or a computer.  When there is too much energy being used more than the machine can handle this create a lot of stress. Our mind-body system is one of the most intensive resource system there is. If you been feeling out of the weather for a long time with no… Read More »Chemical Imbalance | Davinci Neptune
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Davinci Neptune On Dating

Davinci Neptune On Dating Davinci Neptune Resources: Davinci Neptune Manifest Shortcuts: Women’s Brain Decoded: Davinci Neptune Women Brain Decoded is my latest work and will teach you the mysteries of women behaviors and their thought process. You will learn how to create attraction, build up her desires, and remove any insecurities when it comes to women. Click the link below for more info. Davinci Neptune’s Newsletter(In beta) Join my free newsletter for even more helpful tips and resources:… Davinci Neptune Tool Box MY FREE EBOOK- DOMINATE THE ONLINE BUSINESS GAME Download Now – Make Money While You… Read More »Davinci Neptune On Dating

How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

Where are all my beautiful queens out there? Gerardo Morillo explains How to tell a guy you like him in this video you will absolutely love. It is very breaking of what most people think how you must do things. And, the tips and strategies here will SURPRISE YOU! Questions or comments for free to drop them down below. ———————————————————————————————————– Recommended Resources: Do you want to maximize your potential spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially? The resources down below will greatly help you the life you want. Many people have successfully used the resources to help them overcome obstacles and create the… Read More »How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

Capture The Hearts of All Women!

Many of us start out in the world lost and confused afraid of the world. Though despite this fear we so loved the world, but, sometimes our parents are really the best of parents even though they mean. They make plenty of mistakes along the way. Unfortunately, as you are growing up these mistakes stay buried inside your heart and soul. When you walk out in the world you can hear the ghost of the past holding you in place. But you have no real idea why. A part of you want to move forward and a part of you… Read More »Capture The Hearts of All Women!