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Respect The Law

People must have reverence and respect for the universe. The universe is the law and we are like the servants. While we do have our own individual power we are but a small glimpse of the entire cosmos. People think they can play with fire with the laws of life and the universe and the is a big mistake. No one is getting out of this alive. All we can do is make the most of the situation and figure out how to make ourselves happy with the time we do have. In the end life is but like a… Read More »Respect The Law
Psychic Prediction December 2019 - Davinci Neptune

Psychic Prediction December 2019 – Davinci Neptune

Psychic Prediction December 2019 – Davinci Neptune In this video Davinci Neptune reads the energy in the universe and gives you his predictions and insights in a flash. We are heading to a new year, but, that does not mean we are safe and out of the waters just yet. We have to release old energies to ensure the new year is a successful. 2020 will be a time for dramatic changes, but, if you are not ready you will be left behind and your life will remain the same while everyone is improving and you are not
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The Law of Karma – Davinci Neptune

Everything done is done onto God or the Universe. People sometimes think they get away with stuff, but as the saying goes what goes around goes around. This is how the universe maintains equilibrium or balance. Everything will maintain harmony. When I use the word harmony, I speak of energy balance and energy adjustment. I don’t mean harmony as water in the river and it is peaceful. But at the same time, things do go back to a certain degree of balance. Another way to think of it is the balance of the means. What goes up will come down.… Read More »The Law of Karma – Davinci Neptune
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It’s Not Personal | Davinci Neptune

A lot of times we take things personally when most of the time it has nothing to do with us or what we are saying or doing. A lot of the the times it has to do with how people are reacting to us depending on multiple conditions. Their state will determine how they¬†perceive you at any given moment. For example, if someone just lost a million dollars, and you try telling them a joke instead of responding in a funny manner they make just respond in a flat response. Because, their currently reality is “I am broke,” so when… Read More »It’s Not Personal | Davinci Neptune
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Society Rewards Winning

In the game of life society rewards only those who make right answers in life. This make sense. This is why you always often see us behave in ways that are not very true to our own nature or “inauthentic.” Society has its own rules and by sticking to the rules (or conformity) you get more rewards and benefits for winning. There is absolutely no reward in losing. Losing in society and the game of life is very much similar to dying. When you make a mistake in social situations do you get rewarded? Do you make friends or family?… Read More »Society Rewards Winning
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Why Following Your Joy Doesn’t Always Work

Like it or not friends, life has different plans for us sometimes. Mom and dad wants you to do something. Your girlfriend wants you to do something else. And, if you do anything, but what you don’t want to do, everyone hates you for it. Very confusing right because do you follow your joy or not? Do you let other people tell you what to do or not? It depends…Ideally, you use your own internal to guide you in the right direction or what is known as intuition. Your intuition is the most important faculty known to man and it… Read More »Why Following Your Joy Doesn’t Always Work